The Ultimate Platform for Digital Commerce

Cartana POS

  • High-performance POS hardware.
  • Low-cost to start and expandable services.
  • Unlimited Software Upgrade.
  • No contract and usage-based subscription.

Cartana Devices

  • Seamlessly integrated with the platform.

  • Android and iPad for table side services.
  • Low-cost and easy to use.
  • More purpose-built devices to come.

Customer Apps

  • One app applied to all participating businesses.
  • Earn rewards at local restaurants and stores.
  • Collect deals and save money.
  • Social dining with friends for fun.

Cartana Marketplace

  • Find local restaurants and order food online.
  • Reserve at local restaurant.
  • Check in to skip the wait line.
  • More features to come.

About Cartana

Cartana was founded by Dr. John Wen, 4x entrepreneur, and a team of domain experts from software and hardware system development. We are developing a platform to help small restaurant operators, salons and retail stores transform their businesses to the digital world with a set of technologies including cloud POS, on-purpose built devices, essential digital tools and a universal customer app applied to all restaurants and stores.

  • Cartana is a cloud POS developer and
  • Cartana is developing a marketplace and
  • Cartana is developing a social network of not only diners and
  • Many other heterogeneous networks ......
More to come!
About Cartana