Digital Transformation is necessary for all retailers, large or small. Digital solutions are increasingly impacting all aspects of a retail business, e.g. ordering, payment, CRM, marketing, delivery, and supply chain. Smart devices like phones, Alexa, robots, IoT, etc. become ubiquitous and many of them will be applied to improving digital user experience in retail. Advances in technologies are making it increasingly difficult for small retailers to compete efficiently and affordably. Cartana platform compounded many of the advanced technologies and innovations made available from last 20 years into a scalable and powerful Digital Commerce Platform to solve many of the problems the small retailers have at low cost.

Cartana POS

The world first Big Data real-time POS platform that provides essential digital commence tools for small restaurant operators with a universal customer app.

  • Process online orders
  • Customer Reward with QR scan
  • Digital coupon processing
  • Reserve and check in
  • Interact with customer's phone app in real time
  • Future integration with autonomous vehicle delivery

Cartana Devices

Purpose-built devices that are seamlessly integrated with the platform. Have a total mobile operation!

  • Table side services to create orders without paper .
  • Speed up ordering process and synch orders with all POS and devices
  • Send orders to kitchen printers instantly.
  • Wait list management with digital notification to the customer's mobile app.

Cartana Customer App

The universal super app applied to all participating businesses.

  • Order food online and Self-serve Dine-in
  • Earn reward at local restaurants
  • Collect deals and coupons
  • Invite friends to dine in or organize a party
  • Build your social network for future digital commerce

Cartana Cloud and Marketplace

A marketplace starting with food industry and future extension to many other markets.

  • Create online sales channel for small or large retailers
  • Real-time integration with Cartana POS
  • Provide infrastructures for ordering, payment, supply chain, CRM, digital marketing, Big Data analytics, AI and many other data technologies.
  • APIs for various IoT.
  • Support full self-serve system